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Our solution is designed for operation managers, directors and decision makers in different industries.

OneMind New Generation provides a holistic view of all key information and real-time indicators to help you make informed decisions faster. The solution enables the comparison of data over time, the analysis of trends and the evaluation of the current status based on historical data.

A business intelligence tool that gathers, stores, accesses and analyzes corporate data to support decision making, action plan definition and implementation.

OneMind New Generation: the solution that makes you the orchestrator of your business.

Our IoT Smart Hypervisor solution can help organizations optimize operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs

More and more industries are adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve processes and provide better services.


Sectors in which we excel

Broad coverage across various industries: Find out how we’ve transformed key sectors.

Smart Cities

Improve city management, public transport, safety, security and citizens’ quality of life.


Improve the efficiency of resource management (energy consumption, air and water quality, waste management) and reduce environmental impact.


Improve physical and digital security, through monitoring and other integrated control systems (cameras, sensors, alarms, access control…).


Improve safety, efficiency and passenger experience, through air traffic monitoring, asset management or baggage control.

Industry 4.0

Monitor and control production processes, improve machine efficiency and safety, and optimize logistics and inventory.


Enhance efficiency in energy management, security, occupant comfort, maintenance and space management.

OneMind New Generation creates a new way of operating and making decisions by sharing information across all IoT systems and data sources.


Boost your productivity with our solution

Our software is packed with innovative and powerful functionalities

Smart Awareness

Influence Zone
Configurable Object Service
Real-time Panel Control

Smart Actions

Business Rules
Action Service
Alert Service
Standard Operating
Procedure and Response Plan
Monitoring Service

Smart Analytics

Cross-Domain Analysis
Matching Index
Historical Analysis

Smart Reporting

Key Performance
Indicator Dashboard
Business Intelligence

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Head of Sales
Latam, North America and Europe

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Head of Sales
Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific