OneMindNG is The Smart System Orchestrator that enables Smart Cities to share information between systems to improve government decision-making and optimise their services.

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By 2050, nearly 7 out of 10 people will live in cities and other urban settings.

Given that cities occupy only 2% of the world’s territory, the effort of local governments to embrace this reality involves the application of IoT in the design, management and delivery of their municipal services.

Only cities that can adapt to population growth and changing lifestyles will be able to meet the 2030 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The investment involved in moving to a Smart City model is certainly high; however, the return on investment is rapid, the social benefits significant and the political return consistent.

Smart cities use IoT to increase the operational efficiency of their services and enable optimal use of available space, resources and data.


Systems that can be connected

Find out how different municipal services can be transformed

But despite cities’ efforts and large investment in digitisation, the management of these services is not always efficient.

A Smart City is not just about deploying sensors, systems or dashboards throughout the city, but much more than that. It is about adopting a citizen-centric approach to make the daily use of the city more relevant, efficient, and enjoyable.

In many cases, however, information systems rely on separate departments with siloed solutions that cannot share information and leverage it in an integrated way.

The result is fragmented Smart Cities, with inefficient outcomes: longer reaction times, less ability to mitigate impacts and difficulty in anticipation.

Managing a Smart City requires an orchestrated response, so that control center teams improve their operational efficiency and have an incident response plan in place.

Until recently, integration of different information systems in cities has been a tedious, time-consuming and investment-intensive process.

Moreover, this process was not very resilient to changes in the expert systems. Thus, when a new service had to be implemented, it was necessary to redo the entire integration.

Faced with these difficulties, new technological solutions based on the IoT have emerged, capable of deploying and integrating a city’s systems as a hypervisor, which is much faster, cheaper and more durable.

OneMindNG is the IoT Smart Hypervisor solution for Smart Cities that allows to integrate any technology in a SMART way.

Thanks to OneMind New Generation –an end-to-end IoT solution– all city departments can collect and process their data in a central location, allowing them to address issues in a more holistic and coordinated way.

Joint management of city operations avoids inefficient project overlaps and enables rapid response to events on the ground.

OneMindNG is the IoT Smart Hypervisor solution that brings you: Smart information, Smart decisions and Smart actions.

OneMindNG provides a holistic view of all key information and real time indicators to make informed decisions faster.
As a solution, OneMindNG allows you to compare data over time, analyse trends and assess the status based on historical data. of the market.
OneMindNG is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that collects, stores, accesses and analyses corporate data to support decision making.

We help improve the citizen experience, democratising the use of IoT, from small municipalities to futuristic city projects, through OneMindNG, the Smart Hypervisor solution.

A Smart City requires not only the best use of new technologies, but also the sensible and measured management of resources through governance and participatory budgeting.

Thus, the key element of a Smart City is not only the added information it provides, but the way in which it facilitates the sharing and exchange of this information and existing knowledge between different institutions, companies and citizens.

In this sense, the use of advanced analytical techniques in real time creates a shared understanding by all actors involved, which offers multiple benefits.

Access to more information and better decision-making

Municipal governments can justify investment in smart city technologies.

Very favourable cost-benefit ratio

Integrated information can be incorporated into all municipal planning and management decisions.

Visible results in service delivery

More efficient and less siloed service delivery, increased quality of life and citizen satisfaction.

We partner with global technology leaders, such as DELL Technologies and Orange Business, including partners specialising in key verticals, to deliver joint solutions that address the needs of Smart Cities.

We support municipal governments in planning, developing and managing end-to-end solutions by pooling expertise and resources with our partners.:


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