OneMindNG is The Smart System Orchestrator that brings intelligence by sharing information across systems to improve decision making and operational performance.

We want to simplify the use and connectivity of the connected objects and systems at the heart of smart industries.

We want to help companies and managers make smart decisions in real time, based on the data they have to hand.

We help you put your smart decisions into action.

We analyze the present to make decisions for the future

We believe IT, new technologies and IoT are the tools of the future.

Industries are getting smarter thanks to the advent of new technologies. But an increase in systems and data processed in silos makes information management complex, time-consuming and inefficient.

To get the most out of new technologies, their use must be simple, fluid and optimized.

We solve the problem of interconnecting your information systems in a simple way.

What we do?

OneMind New Generation
enables SMART implementation

OneMind New Generation uses a programming language that is easy to understand and configure. It is:

UX design ensures an easy user experience, even for non-technical users
different data sources can be connected, and a variety of views can be selected
decision making is supported through comprehensive data analysis
the implementation phase of the platform is quick and easy to understand
operational efficiency optimizes response times and cost savings

OneMind New Generation helps you make SMART
decisions in real time and get into action

OneMind New Generation delivers a new way of operating and making decisions by sharing information across all IoT systems and data sources.
We help you transform operational decisions and gain insights through real-time and multi-domain intelligence.
We support you in generating a data-driven plan of action.


The IoT smart hypervisor and its benefits
apply to a variety of domains

We cover both public and private stakeholder needs.

Sectors where we excel

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OneMindNG for SmartCity management
OneMindNG for improving efficiency
OneMindNG for tourism and urban planning
OneMindNG for risk prevention
OneMindNG for energy management
OneMindNG for health and climate management

Our Partners

We partner with global technology leaders such as Dell Technologies as Edge Partner Certified Solution and Orange Business, where we have been recognized as the Best Solution Partner for the Middle East. We include partners worldwide in key business verticals, making us a powerful ally for your Smart City or Smart Industrial projects.

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Our Team

We are OneMindNG

We are a young company with senior expertise. 

Our passionate international team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in developing and implementing Smart City and Smart Technology projects.

We always aim to add value to our customers and partners.

We operate globally and are based in Barcelona, the innovative technology hub.

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